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When dealing with a company who is going to provide your and your home with Garage Door Repair in Woodland Hills it is important to make the right choice. Broken garage doors can be a pain to deal with, especially if the owner of the garage does not know where to look or what to look for. The average home owner should not have to know where to look, that is where Rapid Response Garage Door Repair Woodland Hills comes in. Most garage doors open overhead either in one fell swoop or segmented chunks. From there, the garage slides along metal tracks in order to open and close. Today, this is accomplished, with the help of a heavy spring and usually an electric garage door opener. Given the numerous components of each garage door a qualified garage door repair proffessional should always be available to handle all of your garage door repair Woodland Hills needs.

A garage door is a large moving object that has the potential to cause damage or even hurt someone if it is not operating correctly. An attractive and properly working garage door adds value and security to a home. If your garage door is not working well, it is not safe to postpone repairing it. Also, the longer it functions incorrectly, the more it will cost you to get it fixed.

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More About Woodland Hills Garage Door Repair

Before a faulty garage door can be repaired, the cause of the trouble needs to be determined. If the door is making grinding noises or is difficult to move, the actual door may be the problem. Woodland Hills Garage Door Repair is especially usefull in cases of broken openers and springs. The opener doesn't move the door, but the door is working fine, then the opener needs to be repaired or replaced. There are two types of springs for opening garage doors-torsion and side-mounted. And for any Garage Door Repair in Woodland Hills Rapid Response Constantly stocks both.

An overhead garage door uses spring tension to open and close by pulling the door along metal tracks attached to the garage wall. These tracks need to be flat. If the tracks are vertical, they need to be perfectly straight, if they are horizontal, they need to have a downward slant. The screws, bolts and fasteners can become loose over time and need to be tightened.

Garage door springs do the work of opening the door. The door may be lifted a foot or two by hand and the spring will take over and pull the door all the way open. In the same way a remote opener will start the lift, but the springs do the work. Rapid Response provides complete, full service, same day Garage Door Repair in Woodland Hills as well as Garage Door Spring Replacement. These springs are under a lot of tension which is what gives them the energy needed to open the door, but a faulty spring can be very dangerous. It may drop the door on a vehicle, person or pet.

Lose parts and corrosion can lead to faulty springs and they need to be checked regularly. The whole mechanism including springs, tracks, rollers and arms need to work well. There are different size springs for the different sizes and weights of doors. Changing the damaged spring is a job for a professional. Springs can snap under tension and hurt someone. If there are springs on either side of the door, they should both be replaced at the same time.

When considering a Rapid Response for Your Garage Door Repair we would like you to know the following:

  • We Provide Same Day Repairs
  • We Provide Accurate Pricing
  • We Have Over 25 Years Combined Garage Door Repair Experience
  • We are the Easy Choice for Garage Door Repair Woodland Hills

If the garage door opener isn't working properly and you are in need of Garage Door Repair Woodland Hills there are some things to check. The garage door opener needs a clear signal path from the car to the receptor. The wires of the receptor may have gotten damage from mice or moisture and it may be pointing at a wrong angle. There are safety features that also need to be checked. A photo eye will sense when there is an object in the way of a lowering door and immediately open the door. This will save children, pets and your car from damage. There should also be a safety breakaway rope installed on the chain drive so that the door can be opened manually if there isn't any electricity or the motor fails. The more you know about why the opener isn't working the better. It may just need a new remote.